About May Day Acres

Welcome to May Day Acres

One bend of Foote Creek North of Aberdeen SD sits May Day Acres, a small farm and ranch where we grow produce and raise chickens for eggs.  We are just getting started with milk and fiber goats and we also raise miniature donkeys.  Of course Gypsy horses are our primary focus and we are proud of our small but growing herd.  Take a look around and feel free to visit the Burgard Construction page or visit our new sites at http://burgardconstruction.com where you can see the fantastic wood work and building skills put forth by our construction crew!



At May Day Acres,  we work hard and play hard! In addition to the Gypsy horses my husband Adam Burgard, runs small lumber mill with a new and reclaimed custom wood shop.  He also owns and operates Burgard Construction LLC., which handles everything from new construction of commercial and residential buildings to large and small remodeling projects.

We have three boys who work hard at times but always keep us busy!!


Of course our helpful and adoring pets are always around to help out with the horses and other animals!

As well as the Gypsy horses we also have a few other animals on the farm,





The Gypsy spirit has always been strong for me and I always dreamed that I could one day own a Gypsy horse.  One day out of the blue that dream came true!  I was looking for a nice mare, maybe a Gypsy cross?  When I found Jack Flash, just a short drive from my home.  When I found out his birthday was the same as my son's I just decided that he had to come home with me one way or another.  It has been an interesting journey but a wonderful one and life has been great in Aberdeen since Flash came into our lives.  We of course are proud of our other horses but there is something truly unique about our sweet clowny stallion!!


The twins Toymakker's Mona and Lisa also just happened to appear in my life shortly after Flash' arrival at May Day Acres, they needed a new home and I not being one to pass up signs, brought them home too!  Today I am living a dream of mine that I had since I was a girl and I have to admit that it is even more grand than what I dreampt of as a girl.  I hope that I can bring that dream to you and others who feel the Gypsy spirit. Please come and grow with us and join in my Gypsy dream!  Welcome to May Day Acres and please feel free to contact ;